Parents need to only have a newborn in their house for a few weeks before they hear people say, “Just wait till they are teens!”  It is axiomatic in our culture that the teenage years are full of rebellion and strife for the family.  I was a high school teacher for 5 years before becoming a professional counselor so I’ve studied adolescent development and have extensive experience working with teenagers, but only in the roles of being a teacher and counselor.

Along with my counseling work, I also host the “Color of Thought” podcast and over the past year, I decided to interview several groups of parents about one question, “What is it like to raise Catholic teenagers?”  I was amazed at the variety of answers and topics we covered, but I discovered three things that every couple’s response had in common: the importance of a family culture, the special challenge of social media, and how raising adolescents can help you on your path toward holiness.

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