What Is Life Coaching?

Life coaching, or just “coaching,” helps you identify your goals and build workable plans to achieve them.

Like a coach for professional athletes, a life coach works with you improve your job, get promoted, or transition from one major phase of life to the next. 

Daniel Johnson specializes in transitions to college or the workforce, and into and out of Catholic religious life.

Coaching vs. Counseling

Struggling with emotional disturbances, or patterns of thinking that get in the way of change? Then you are looking for counseling.

In this case, the best first step is to meet with a counselor. Together, you can address your challenges with psychological care. Your counselor will help you get to the root of some habit or behavior, and recover your well being.

Looking for help from a guide to reach certain personal or career goals? Then coaching is your answer.

Different reasons for working with a life coach:


Building particular skills

Spiritual life specific goals

Achieving a specific accomplishment

Examination of conscience

Trying to figure out the broad picture of the next 3-5 years

Developing a habit of prayer

Life Coaching & Trained Counseling

As part of their training, counselors and psychotherapists can already do everything life coaches are trained to do, which is why some trained counselors offer coaching services as well.

Life coaching is an excellent vehicle for personal growth and helping people unlock the resources within them.

If you are curious about Counseling or Coaching services, or are not sure which one is best for you call for a free consultation today

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Do I have to be a practicing Catholic to come here for therapy?

Not at all. We are stating our background but we do not attempt to convert anyone. You can discuss your beliefs and whether or not you would like faith to be a part of the therapeutic process.

Can Daniel help with my medication?

As a Marriage and Family Therapist he can not prescribe medication or give advice about what kind of medication to take, however Daniel can help maintain a healthy routine around your medication.

Do you take insurance?

We offer a statement of services which the client can submit to their insurer for some reimbursement. You should check with your insurer as every company has different policies.

We also offer financial aid through the arch diocese of Los Angeles. This fund can be used to supplement client payments for medical expenses.

What therapeutic modalities do you practice?

In addition to drawing on the rich tradition of the Catholic Church we emphasize a Cognitive Behavioral (CBT) technique in helping clients achieve change in their life.