Daniel Johnson is a Marriage and Family Therapy Intern (#96032)  at Stillpoint Family Resources  and is supervised by Esther C. Bleuel (#31181) as well as at Divine Mercy Clinic. He sees a variety of clients in Pasadena and Duarte, CA including those experiencing depression, anxiety, and stage of life transitions for adolescents and young adults. Daniel graduated from Phillips Graduate University with an MA in Psychology and Marriage and Family Therapy in the fall of 2016.

     He brings to his practice of therapy two years of work as a therapist at the Catholic High Schools in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles through Counseling Partners of Los Angeles . At these schools Daniel has worked with many adolescents experiencing depression, suicidal ideation, self harm, and anxiety.

      Before taking up his therapy practice Daniel was a high school teacher for five years. He particularly enjoyed teaching Modern History and Sacred Scripture. Additionally he spent six years in formation at St Michael’s Abbey in Orange County, CA. Here he studied Thomistic Philosophy and Theology, as well as the rich spiritual tradition of the Catholic Church. When the labors of the mind became too much he was pleased to work in the monasteries rose gardens and sacristy. Consequently he brings to therapy a familiarity with the spiritual life and Catholic culture.

Today Daniel volunteers as a lector at St Andrew’s Parish in Pasadena as well as various charitable works with the Knights of Malta especially serving the poor and the sick at the St Francis Center in Los Angeles.