For many marriage is the most important relationship in our life. For this reason every couple, from time to time, thinks about seeking the help of a therapist. Every relationship goes through natural changes and it is not for every relationship to last for our entire life. Marriage however holds a special place among our relationships, because we vow to, “love and honor each other as long as we both shall live.” Every spouse seeks the good for their beloved, nevertheless few people are prepared to change their role in a relationship in reaction to the natural changes: children, careers, moves, caring for parents, death of parents, adolescents moving out of the home, etc. let alone the changes in the relationship caused by our spouse.

Unfortunately I do not have direct experience as a spouse and my experience with children is limited to the classroom and the therapy room. As the recipient of a masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy I have read many books and worked with many couples to help them find alternatives to undesirable behavior, new communication styles, as well a greater appreciation for the struggles and victories each is having in the marriage.