The word discern is from a Latin phrase, to separate apart. Many Catholics find themselves asking if their pursuit of the theological virtues of faith, hope, and charity might not be aided by separating themselves from the world and entering religious life. Additionally many young men find themselves being asked by God if their separation from the world might not also include specially conforming themselves to Christ in the Sacrament of Holy Orders.

Because the theological virtues and their special expression by Religious and Priests have as their foundation the natural moral virtues: Temperance, Fortitude, Justice, and Prudence a therapist can often prove useful in their establishment and improvement. Additionally many monasteries, convents, and diocese obligate their candidates to attend therapy for a period of time in order help them grow in self knowledge.

I bring to my practice of therapy six years of formation at St Michael’s Abbey in Orange, CA. Here I was trained not only in the theological writings of Sts. Thomas Aquinas, John of the Cross, and Theresa of Avila but what is more in the particular charismatic expression of the spiritual life passed on by the Sons of St Norbert.

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